I Breastfed My Daughter For One Year Without Nursing

img_9041Let me take a moment to give myself a giant pat on the back. After battling a tongue and lip tie that caused a painful latch and my ever-fluctuating supply, I did it! I met my goal and was able to provide my daughter with breast milk for her whole first year!

The first time I hooked up to my pump, I was terrified. I had no idea how the pump actually worked, or how much I was supposed to produce, and emotionally I was a wreck. Aside from the newborn sleep deprivation, I just felt like such a failure as a mother and as a human being – that I couldn’t provide my daughter the one thing I was biologically programmed to give her.

Although I immediately felt physical relief after switching from nursing to pumping, coming to terms with this decision is still something I occasionally struggle with even a year later. Read more


A Letter to My Daughter on Your First Birthday


Dear Peyton,

Happy first birthday to the sweetest little girl in the world! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, my heart and soul, my sweet little everything. Having wanted a daughter as long as I can remember, you really are my dream come true.

In one short year, you have completely changed every aspect of our lives, and yet I can’t remember what my life was like without you. Read more


Blogger Recognition Award

Wow, what a wonderful way to dive back in! I had to take a bit of a hiatus so I could juggle being super busy at my full-time job and a teething baby who decided she didn’t need sleep for like, three weeks. 😴😴

I’m so thankful to have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by my dear friend Halee at 2blueeyes! She helped me set up this blog! She has recently moved to Japan, and I’m having a blast following her new adventures!

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My Blog Story

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The One Picture I’ll Never Post



I have one picture of my daughter nursing.

The first four weeks of her life were the most difficult weeks of my life. On top of the usual sleep deprivation, stress, and massive doubt that comes with a new baby, there was the unexpected struggle of intensely painful breastfeeding. I wasn’t prepared for this. Read more


3 Ways to Drop A Pump Without Weaning

Remember, I am NOT a medical professional, but even if I were, there’s no guaranteed way to drop a pump without losing any ounces, but dropping gradually and trying a few of the tips in this post can help you not to lose a significant amount of breast milk. Even if you’re weaning, dropping gradually will make you less prone to clogged ducts that can lead to mastitis, and less likely to feel engorged and uncomfortable.

I recently dropped from 5 pumps per day (ppd) to 4, so I’m using my own recent and past experience as an example.

Gradually dropping a pump should take about a week. You can slow the process down more if you start to feel too engorged. On the other hand, you can also drop in less than a week, but you may risk losing more ounces. Also, don’t get overly excited if you pump more in your next pumping session right after you drop. Your body takes time to adjust to the change. It may overcompensate at first, but eventually it will (for most women) even your supply out among your other pumping sessions.

How Do You Know When To Drop A Pump?

To put it simply – whenever you’re ready! Read more


Hands-Free (part 2)

*This post is sponsored, however all opinions and experiences are truthful and my own

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my experiences with a couple hands-free nursing bras and tank tops. So I was thrilled when Rumina offered to send me their new Seamless Pump&Nurse Bra! Peyton started going through a fussy phase right when I started wearing this, so it got a really good workout! 😉

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Pumping Schedule

When I first started pumping, like a lot of first time moms, I had no idea how often I was supposed to pump to get a good supply. After doing some research, the answer was actually pretty obvious: pump [approximately] as often as you would nurse.

A set pumping schedule isn’t mandatory to successfully pump, but it’s usually helpful. Personally, I love having a routine. Especially now with a baby, if I don’t schedule a task, I’ll never do it (never mind that I planned to organize our bedroom over a month ago and it’s still a mess 😏).

But if you are the type of person who can’t or don’t like to stick to a set schedule, that’s ok! It’s more important to pump the same number of times each day than it is to pump at the same times each day.

Below is an example schedule you can use as a guideline. Read more


The Best Laid Plans…

A couple weeks ago in my Setting Goals post, I mentioned that I would like to drop a pump when Peyton turns six months old. I was so excited about having an extra hour in the evening to spend with her or make dinner (or take a shower, or clean something..).

Well of course, I found out a couple days ago that apparently it’s common to experience a drop in milk supply around 6mpp (months post-partum). I’m anticipating a drop in supply from either dropping to 4ppd (pumps per day), or starting to exercise (haha), but I’m not willing to risk a HUGE drop that may trigger my body to start weaning since my most important goal is to give Peyton breast milk for a full year. So there goes my original plan!

I’m following my own advice and giving myself some flexibility. I’ve decided to continue with 5ppd until I’m 7mpp to give myself a full four weeks to see if my supply drops. If it does, I may actually throw in an extra pumping session for a few weeks. In preparation, I’m going to eat lots of oatmeal, drink lots of water, and maybe power pump a couple times a day. Hopefully this will keep my supply from dropping too much, if at all, and I will be able to try dropping a pump at 7mpp instead.

It’s disappointing that I was so close to being one step closer to getting back to a “normal” life. But weighing the pros and cons, I’m not at all ready to give up pumping just yet. So for now I’ll just keep hooking myself up to the pump, daydreaming about the day I’ll finally have my freedom back!