My Pumpling

I wanted to give a little bit of background about my daughter since I will be talking so much about my own experience, although she’s only a few months old so who knows how much her habits and personality will change!


Sharon Ross Photography

My sweet Peyton was born in September 2016. I know everyone thinks their baby is the sweetest baby ever, but seriously, she is the sweetest baby ever! She is full of smiles! She’s very easy-going and mellow for a baby, and I’m not too proud to admit she gets that from her dad.

Since my husband and I both work full-time, Peyton goes to my older sister during the week. She loves to play with her cousin, who is just over a year older. It’s so fun to see how much personality they have at such young ages!

Peyton was born with a lip tie and posterior tongue tie, which is the primary reason I pump. She spits up all the time, but we are lucky that she doesn’t have severe reflux (I haven’t changed my diet at all), and she was quick to take a bottle and formula when we need to supplement. Like I said, easy going baby.

She is my heart and soul, and I can’t believe how much I love her!