Things I’d Rather Be Doing: The Pumping Mom’s Version

Post Graphics 2*In no particular order. **Not a complete list.

1. Sleeping.

2. Snuggling my baby.

3. Playing with my baby.

4. Taking a walk.

5. Getting my hair done.

6. Getting a manicure.

7. Getting a massage.

8. Watching someone else get a manicure or massage.

9. Giving someone a manicure or massage.

10. Changing my baby’s diaper.

12. Changing another baby’s diaper.

13. Cleaning out the litter box.

14. Cleaning my entire house.

15. Shopping.

16. Taking a vacation. An uninterrupted, pumping-free vacation.

17. Did I say sleeping?

18. Working.

19. Sitting in a boring meeting.

20. Moving.

21. Having a girls night with my best friend.

22. Going to the movies.

23. Going to a really bad movie.

24. Going to the dentist.

25. Going on a date with my husband (and not having to pump in the car).

26. Having sex.

27. Wearing a real bra.

27. Wearing a nice dress.

28. Walking in killer heels.

29. Studying for a test.

30. Taking a test.

31. Failing a test and having to sit through an awkward conversation with the instructor about retaking the class.

32. Telling someone they have a booger on their face.

33. Soaking in a warm bath. For fun, not to work out a clog in my breast.

34. Jumping into a cold pool.

35. Standing outside in the rain. With no umbrella.

36. Watching an entire tournament of golf. *yawn*

37. Playing golf/football/soccer. I don’t like sports.

38. Coaching a little league team.

39. Going to bed early.

40. Spending an entire day cleaning bottles and pumping parts.

41. Gardening.

42. Ripping up a yard full of dead plants because I have a black thumb.

43. Mowing the lawn.

44. Taking out the trash.

45. Stuck in traffic (as long as there isn’t a crying baby in the back seat)

46. Painting my house.

47. Painting someone else’s house.

48. Working out.

49. Sleeping. I really just want to sleep!

50. Having a stand-off with one of the big spiders I’ve seen in my house lately.

No, scratch that last one. In that case, I really would much rather be pumping.

4 thoughts on “Things I’d Rather Be Doing: The Pumping Mom’s Version

  1. I HATED pumping! And I knew I needed to be better about it with my daughter – like get up at 3 in the morning and pump just to keep up supply and pump enough to feed her while I was at work. At 9 months she self-weened but then my son came a long and for 18 long months we breastfed – primarily from the breast as he started refusing bottles – but I quickly learned that hand expression was a million times faster and more productive for me. As much as I hated it now that those days are gone I kind of miss them.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story! I don’t know anyone who actually likes pumping, lol! It’s so much work, but I’m grateful that I can still provide breastmilk to my daughter even though we had latch issues. I know it’ll be bittersweet when I finally pack it all up!

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