Hands-Free (part 2)

*This post is sponsored, however all opinions and experiences are truthful and my own

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my experiences with a couple hands-free nursing bras and tank tops. So I was thrilled when Rumina offered to send me their new Seamless Pump&Nurse Bra! Peyton started going through a fussy phase right when I started wearing this, so it got a really good workout! 😉

The Seamless Bra is much closer to a regular nursing bra than Rumina’s Classic Pump&Nurse bra and tank. When I put it on, it was maybe the second or third time I’ve felt like myself again after having a baby six months ago.


As you can see, it clasps in the back like a regular bra and has the nursing bra clasps in the front. It also has padding inside the cups like a regular bra. I loved this! It was the first time in months that I didn’t feel self-conscious about anything showing through my shirt. I’m still wearing breast pads because I will leak occasionally, but I can totally see myself continuing to wear the seamless bra when I’m done pumping because it has such great coverage. The fabric is so soft, and it really does feel “seamless” under my shirt.

Using the seamless bra for pumping is a bit different than the other Rumina products that I’ve tried. There is an opening at the bottom of each cup to pull up, and then pull down the inner cup and insert the flanges:

I like that there aren’t as many flaps to move around as the other bra and tank, but the opening feels a little tight and it took a bit of maneuvering at first to get the fabric all the way around the shield of the flanges. Once they were in though, the seamless bra felt more secure than the Classic Pump&Nurse bra. The opening for the flanges holds them a bit higher up than Rumina’s other products, but I had no problem adjusting my flanges to be comfortable into the correct spot. Also, although I love having the extra padding while I’m not pumping, I did have to rearrange the pads inside the bra when I was done pumping because they had folded down.

Overall, I really like the seamless bra! It’s super comfortable and easy to use. My favorite is still the Pump&Nurse tank because I love not having to pull up my shirt and pull a regular tank top down, but the seamless bra is definitely a close second.

If you’re interested in trying out the seamless bra or Rumina’s other products for yourself, I found them on Amazon, but you can also check out their website:

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