The Best Laid Plans…

A couple weeks ago in my Setting Goals post, I mentioned that I would like to drop a pump when Peyton turns six months old. I was so excited about having an extra hour in the evening to spend with her or make dinner (or take a shower, or clean something..).

Well of course, I found out a couple days ago that apparently it’s common to experience a drop in milk supply around 6mpp (months post-partum). I’m anticipating a drop in supply from either dropping to 4ppd (pumps per day), or starting to exercise (haha), but I’m not willing to risk a HUGE drop that may trigger my body to start weaning since my most important goal is to give Peyton breast milk for a full year. So there goes my original plan!

I’m following my own advice and giving myself some flexibility. I’ve decided to continue with 5ppd until I’m 7mpp to give myself a full four weeks to see if my supply drops. If it does, I may actually throw in an extra pumping session for a few weeks. In preparation, I’m going to eat lots of oatmeal, drink lots of water, and maybe power pump a couple times a day. Hopefully this will keep my supply from dropping too much, if at all, and I will be able to try dropping a pump at 7mpp instead.

It’s disappointing that I was so close to being one step closer to getting back to a “normal” life. But weighing the pros and cons, I’m not at all ready to give up pumping just yet. So for now I’ll just keep hooking myself up to the pump, daydreaming about the day I’ll finally have my freedom back!

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