As a new mom, I am constantly trading questions, advice, and experiences with other moms. I created this blog to store my thoughts about motherhood, especially my pumping journey.

I am no June Cleaver – let’s just establish that right away. My house is a mess, I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time. Yesterday, I found out I’ve been using my pump wrong for the entire 3 months I’ve been pumping. So if you’re looking for a blog that is going to help you get your life together, keep looking. And when you find it, come back and share it with me!

Being a mom is exhausting, frustrating, exciting, and completely amazing. I’m excited to share the good, bad, tips and tricks, and everything in between. Connecting with other moms has been the best tool that’s helped get me through this adventure so far, and I hope this blog can be that tool for others.

Sharon Ross Photography

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